Day 2

Good Morning, Bloggers!

Day 2 is upon us. Guess what I am doing today? I’m going to take a Salsa Dance class. My roommate is going with me and I am STOKED! Yes, there are also $1 tacos, but I’m not going to eat the taco shell. I really just want to boogie!

The end of the night was hard yesterday, but I ate my apple with almond butter and got over the hump. The only thing that I will caution anyone who wants to do the paleo challenge, the first couple days your body is like “OMG! I’m so hungry!” all the time. Thankfully, it adjusts and you’re not so crazy hungry.

I ate:

breakfast casserole and sweet potato for breakfast, obviously!

Bratwurst, peppers, onion, mushrooms, and steamed broccoli for lunch

Steak with onions and mushrooms and broccoli and carrots

Snacks included my protein shake made with almond milk and coconut milk (full fat), and an apple with almond butter.

I also made sure to consume my 64 oz of water.

My workout was an arm/upper body centered workout for Monday. I haven’t done the whole getting up and working out by 8am yet, but I’m still getting my workout in! I will have to do it once work starts back next week, otherwise I won’t have time. However, I will be going to the gym on campus at that point. I’m quite excited about it.

The day is young. I’ve taken my supplements (which I highly recommend Olive Leaf Extract for fighting any kind of virus and helping with circulation), I’ve had a couple glasses of water (apparently if you start your day with 32 oz of water, good things happen! check out this article from and now I’m knocking this out and having my coffee. Gonna finish the breakfast casserole this morning and I’m going to make some kind of smoothie for my morning snack!

The one thing I love about the whole paleo thing is that I don’t have to worry about serving sizes and portion control as much as those who follow strict diets. My coach told me once that no one ever got fat eating almonds or avocado (even though they have a lot of fat!). It is true. Eat as many vegetables as you want, eat some fruit, just keep your protein in check (still the size of your palm) and throw down! I learned to love so many new veggies this time last year when I did this challenge the first time. Invest! not just in the fresh veggies, but in your life and yourself. Cause nobody else is going to do it for you.

My mom found a great inspirational quote that is called “I Choose” that embodies everything that I strive to do. Everything I strive to want for myself. It helps me through bad days, and I know the next few days are going to be difficult, but this will help me along the way. I hope you like it as much as I do. Happy Tuesday!


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Day 1

So far so good. Breakfast was delicious…. I made a breakfast casserole with spinach, onion, red pepper, salami and eggs, obviously. Then I made some hashbrowns with sweet potatoes and olive oil. All together with my coffee with almond milk (reduced sugar Original) and it was delicious!

Apparently, my friends/roommates say that every time I go to visit family and I’m gone for a week or whatever, when i come back I look smaller. But in all actuality I gained 6 lbs since I moved here. I’ve lost muscle tone too, so I don’t understand how that works! But whatever, I’ll take it 🙂

Not sure what i’m going to do for lunch, probably leftovers from the other night (Sausage and peppers with some broc) Wednesday I am making Lamb! wee!

Yeah thats all I got!


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The Challenge Begins

New Year…New things!

My friend Sam and I are doing a 30 day paleo challenge. That means being exceptionally strict about what you eat for 30 days. I won’t be consuming anything processed. That means no bread, soda, sugar, etc. Only meat, veggies (that lack starch!) and high fiber fruits like apples, pears, berries, and citrus. Last time I did this I lost like 12 lbs and didn’t do a lot of exercise. We are going to start tomorrow and this will become my outlet for aggravation and accountability. I might not blog daily, but it will be pretty regular. So this is what I have working so far.

Monday: Upper body

Tuesday: Running and Yoga

Wednesday: Energy Circuit

Thursday: Running and Yoga

Friday: Lower body

Saturday: Go on an active adventure

Sunday: Rest

Weight as of 1/4/15: 273 (Which is 11lbs heavier than I was in August)

As far as the rest of it goes, I don’t know what foods I’m going to make just yet. I have never been good at planning meals, however, I do have a fridge full of good shit and I’m going to use it all. I am fairly conditioned to eat paleo, so it won’t be too difficult. The working out thing is what has to be worked on the hardest. I already don’t eat a lot of carbs and processed foods, so my body is somewhat used to it already. The results will come from the working out more than anything. That is where I always struggle. However, I put it in my calendar and every morning at 8am I will be working out! 21 days and it becomes a habit. Lets see how it goes.

I will let you know how things go! Wish me luck 🙂

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2 eggs, over medium. Sweet Potato hashbrowns, Avocado, and Grapefruit. #breakfastofchampions!

This was my breakfast this morning. I had the ability to cook because I didn’t have to teach this morning, exam day! I don’t think people realize how easy it is to eat clean. It literally took me 20 min to make this. Yeah, I know it is kinda long for a breakfast, but that involves the boiling of the potatoes and making sure when you get them in the skillet that they get crispy on one side! So, time is relative to how crispy you like your potatoes. Either way, the sweet potato hashbrowns take the longest. My lovely friend gave me a bounty of sweet potatoes and I am attempting to be super creative in how I use them. I remembered watching a cooking show one morning with Bobby Flay (who I cannot stand, but his food always looks great!) and he made something similar. I seasoned them with some creole spices and let them get a little brown on one side, thanks to some coconut oil in the pan.

After they were done I did the eggs, cut up the avocado, and sectioned my grapefruit. Done.

On a normal day I don’t do this, but like I said, today isn’t normal. While I’ve been on point most of the week, everyday I do something that feeds my horrible sugar craving. I’ve been looking around lots of paelo blogs looking for recipes that I can afford to make. The only serious burden of this lifestyle is the flour I would use to make muffins or whatever is $11 a bag. It blows my mind that this world, America, makes it so expensive to eat well. Farmers markets, which I advocate for, are still expensive. If I was to go to the store and get some canned veggies, some cornbread stuffing, some spaghetti and sauce VS. going to buy spinach, 3lbs of apples, frozen vegetables, and almond milk (because I WILL NOT drink cow swill) it will cost me so much more. Why does being a healthy person have to cost so damn much? I would grow and preserve my own food, but I don’t have the ability to do that where I’m currently living, and unless I know I won’t be moving for at least 18 months (I move a lot), then it isn’t worth the money. Ya feel me? If I’m smart, I can feed myself for roughly $50 a week and still eat healthy. I’m one of the people who won’t go in the inside isles of the store unless I need something like foil or trash bags. Produce, meat, skip dairy for ‘dairy’, and frozen….that is all anyone ever needs. Ehh except maybe peanut/almond butter because it is my weakness ;).

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The Sugar Addiction

As Americans we know how hard it is to escape sugar. It is in everything…EVERYTHING! Even things that are made without sugar still contains something that probably contains sugar. It is everywhere. Sadly for me I have the worst sweet tooth you can possibly have. If  I wanted to I could sit down and eat a whole damn cake. The whole thing. And I would rub my finger through the icing when it was left on the plate at eat that too. I love it. I can’t get enough of it, but I hate it all at the same time.

I have a condition called PCOS. It is an ovary disorder that causes people to be fat, abnormally hairy, and they think it has something to do with insulin sensitivity or just insulin in general (and no I’m not a diabetic). I have been treated for it off and on since I was 16 when I was diagnosed. Over the past year I have been attempting to grasp the best ways for myself to lose weight because it is exceptionally challenging with this disorder. Why? the fuck if I know. If only I could develop an aversion to simple carbs and sugar I would be great! But sadly, again, they are my favorite….but my body hates them. I started a paleo challenge earlier this year to see if I could do it for 30 days. I successfully lost a fair amount of weight and my body really liked the eating change. I choose not to eat dairy, simple carbs (bread, pasta, chips, etc), or starchy vegetables like legumes (peanuts count here!) and white potatoes. Some of you might be thinking, What the hell do you eat then? Vegetables, that aren’t starchy, and meat (grain free to the best of my ability) and some fruit, as long as it is high in fiber and water, not sugar (grapes…are no longer an option). Now, from time to time I will fall off this strict diet and eat bread and queso dip, but generally I try to follow these guidelines. I have been bad about the peanut butter lately as well as the sugar and actual bread. Halloween killed me. Halloween is still killing me. I almost went all of yesterday without sugar and then around 7pm I noticed a bag of candy, and i proceeded to eat some. Now, a little candy from time to time isn’t a terrible thing, but I’m like an alcoholic, once I start I can’t stop. Today has been better and I am hard on the paleo!

For breakfast I had 2 hard boiled eggs (its so easy to take with me to the office and eat) and a cup of pears in natural juice. I had a light lunch of tuna lettuce wraps with carrot, tomato, and some homemade cranberry applesauce (sweetened with coconut sugar). I came home and got 30 min of fat burning cardio in and proceeded to drink a protein shake and eat a spoon of almond butter. Usually I don’t do protein shakes unless I’ve lifted that day, but today I wanted a little more. I also haven’t had one in a while since I’ve been sucking it up lately. Last week, however, I did workout 4x and this week I’m on day 2 of working out. I will get my 4 days every week until the end of the year (when I set new goals) and I will eat paleo as hell the rest of the year. I want to be a size 16 by Christmas, which might could happen if I really bust my ass.

I currently have my motivation back. The end of the year is approaching. I need inspiration for the year to come. That is the one thing I have to look deep inside myself to find. I also have to find a way to teach myself to hate sugar. Any suggestions? I’m always open to ideas!

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Weight loss update

I went shopping yesterday and bought a size 18 dress. I almost shit myself in the store. Check it out! Also, disregard the socks!

me at 18

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Getting back on track

I don’t blog often anymore. I honestly just don’t have time to. Today, however, is Friday and I don’t have office hours, I don’t have to teach, and all the roommates are gone! BAM! Hello pot of coffee and some time to my thoughts. I have been on the weight loss bandwagon since March 2013. I won’t lie and say that I have been working out 5-6x a week since then and only eating lean chicken or fish and a crap ton of veggies since March. Nope. I will go hard on the eating clean thing for a good 30 days and I will feel amazing and love it, but something will happen and I will end up faltering and eating something I have chosen not to eat. I won’t say that I’m not supposed to eat it, because I can, I just don’t want to. It is generally not a big deal, but as of right now I have been of the wagon for about 6 weeks. I haven’t been eating horribly, just not the best. I have made sure to work out a couple times a week, but not consistently. I recently moved and my entire routine just got wrecked. I am doing my best to use October as my 30 day restart. So far so good. I went to the gym on Monday and I will go back at some point this afternoon. Tomorrow is energy circuit, which I can do from home.

Going to the gym on campus is kinda intimidating. I would say it sucks, but honestly it doesn’t, it is quite state of the art! Wide variety of equipment and its clean and huge! Either way, I am an instructor (first) and I want to not pay to use a gym (second) so I don’t and I go lift weights at work. Only other problem is that I run into my students occasionally. I also still don’t know where everything is and I don’t know anyone, thus making it rather intimidating. I will figure it out though. I miss my gym back home. I miss my coach and my friends and I miss their inspiration. I was doing soooooo good and really seeing results after only working out there for a month. I am looking inside myself so hard and trying to channel the feeling I got from them and their inspiration. I also need to find a spotter!

I’m still in pain from Wednesday’s workout, but it makes me happy! I’m going to put in some serious time there today though. I want to learn my way around and find things and get in a really successful lifting. I want to do dead lifts with a trap bar so bad I can’t stand it!

Back to the point. I am going to use this blog as my diary for this journey. I have struggled with this battle for my entire life. I am 31 years old, and by the time I’m 32 (In April) I don’t want to be considered ‘obese’ anymore. I don’t know that I have ever not been technically obese in my life, since i was like 5 or so. I have no excuse. I eat great foods and I love so many foods, but somehow I fell victim to the world in America and I got lazy and at crap and got fat. I tried so many times to ‘be skinny’ and it has never worked. At my heaviest, which was about 8-9 years ago, I was around 330 lbs. I’m 5’8″ also. My BMI was 50.2. After a year of fairly solid life changes and being dedicated to the cause of my own health and well being, while I am still 5’8″, I am at 255 and 38.8 BMI. Just now when I calculated it, I just about shit myself. I haven’t done a generic BMI calculation since I was a 41 BMI. Do you realize I am almost out of the obese category?!?!? I only have 8.8% left until I am finally out. If I get down to 200lbs I will be at 30.4, which is right on the line of overweight and obese. I weighed 200lbs in the 6th grade. Perspective. Crazy. Shit.

I’m back on the wagon though. I have been eating pretty Paleo, which is lean, grass fed meat, vegetables in a close to natural state, fruit, some nuts and seeds. Its easier if you say, nothing starchy, nothing processed, no soda, no dairy, no bullshit for 30 days. Oh, and no Alcohol. Which is fine cause I’m broke and I have never done one of these challenges and not drank. I know that liquor is calories, but there’s no carbs, but it also involves diet soda for me…. all in all it will be a challenge for me and one that needs to be tried. I can drink halloween. I am willing to bet ya I’ll be a cheap date!

I am really taking into account my coach’s philosophy, 4-6-8. Working out 4x a week, eating 6 meals a day, and getting 8 hours a sleep a night will make your workout efforts a success. In combination with what kind of food i’m eating, and the amount of water, things should start back smoothly! I’m excited and motivated currently! I can’t wait to see how much weight I can lose by Halloween. Hopefully my costume will still fit! lol.

Alright, I need to make some breakfast now. Another thing that sucks about being broke and wanting to eat well is that you really can’t afford to do anything else! Why is it so costly to eat what you should! stupid government and corporations that run this country!

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