2 eggs, over medium. Sweet Potato hashbrowns, Avocado, and Grapefruit. #breakfastofchampions!

This was my breakfast this morning. I had the ability to cook because I didn’t have to teach this morning, exam day! I don’t think people realize how easy it is to eat clean. It literally took me 20 min to make this. Yeah, I know it is kinda long for a breakfast, but that involves the boiling of the potatoes and making sure when you get them in the skillet that they get crispy on one side! So, time is relative to how crispy you like your potatoes. Either way, the sweet potato hashbrowns take the longest. My lovely friend gave me a bounty of sweet potatoes and I am attempting to be super creative in how I use them. I remembered watching a cooking show one morning with Bobby Flay (who I cannot stand, but his food always looks great!) and he made something similar. I seasoned them with some creole spices and let them get a little brown on one side, thanks to some coconut oil in the pan.

After they were done I did the eggs, cut up the avocado, and sectioned my grapefruit. Done.

On a normal day I don’t do this, but like I said, today isn’t normal. While I’ve been on point most of the week, everyday I do something that feeds my horrible sugar craving. I’ve been looking around lots of paelo blogs looking for recipes that I can afford to make. The only serious burden of this lifestyle is the flour I would use to make muffins or whatever is $11 a bag. It blows my mind that this world, America, makes it so expensive to eat well. Farmers markets, which I advocate for, are still expensive. If I was to go to the store and get some canned veggies, some cornbread stuffing, some spaghetti and sauce VS. going to buy spinach, 3lbs of apples, frozen vegetables, and almond milk (because I WILL NOT drink cow swill) it will cost me so much more. Why does being a healthy person have to cost so damn much? I would grow and preserve my own food, but I don’t have the ability to do that where I’m currently living, and unless I know I won’t be moving for at least 18 months (I move a lot), then it isn’t worth the money. Ya feel me? If I’m smart, I can feed myself for roughly $50 a week and still eat healthy. I’m one of the people who won’t go in the inside isles of the store unless I need something like foil or trash bags. Produce, meat, skip dairy for ‘dairy’, and frozen….that is all anyone ever needs. Ehh except maybe peanut/almond butter because it is my weakness ;).


About simplysouthern83

I am a 31 year old, opinionated girl from North Carolina. Well educated and currently a professor. Welcome to my weight loss journey blog. I'm changing things up and using this to keep myself accountable!
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