Happy Holidays!

Good afternoon on this lovely Christmas Eve, Bloggers! The only thing I don’t like about the holidays is that I have nothing to do and I don’t have places to go. I have plans the day after Christmas to visit family, but tomorrow I am just going to be sitting at home. My mom is working. My father will spend the day on the phone. He will also bother me. I wish I had something to do, but I will be here, much like I have been all day today. Maybe I will spend some time baking. I have to make a dish for my grandma’s dinner on Thursday so I might as well make some spice cookies too. I have been dying to have some and I have a feeling no one is going to bake them for me! lol

I went to the liquor store a lil bit ago to get some Evan Williams Apple Whiskey, but they were out! I understand why. It is incredible. Tastes like apple pie and nothing like alcohol. I ended up with some egg nog instead. I am excited to open gifts tonight. I am super excited for my sister to see what I got her. I am excited about it! lol I know she will be too. I don’t so much care about what everyone else got from me. I was kinda not feeling it this year, sadly. Oh well! The night will be fun because I will see my family and drink my evan williams. 🙂


Merry Christmas everyone.


About simplysouthern83

I am a 31 year old, opinionated girl from North Carolina. Well educated and currently a professor. Welcome to my weight loss journey blog. I'm changing things up and using this to keep myself accountable!
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