Last Night

Well Bloggers…. last night was an interesting night. I went with my friend to see a band that a guy she recently met plays in. They were good. The band that went on before them was good too, even though they killed one of my favorite songs for me just because I didn’t like the guys voice. Anyway, it was in the next town over so she drove (EE!) and that meant that I could drink! So I did. Jack and Ginger. I forgot one key thing though. The sugar in the soda really gives me a BAD headache. It happens every time I have more than 2. At least I can say that when I only have 2, I don’t have this problem. I had 5. Headache! I woke up at 6 something and took advil. I then slept until 10:36 when my phone went off lol. Damnit. But now I am dragging my ass to get the day started. I haven’t been able to just kick it in the morning, eat breakfast, and vegge out watching tv while I drink my coffee in a long time. Vacation is a great thing! Oh, and yes, today is the first day of my holiday vacation from work. Day 1 of 13. BLISS!!! Tomorrow I will have to bust back into my weekend routine to clean the house when my mom goes shopping in the morning. Lord.


So when I went to see this band there was not a person of color in the entire place. I realize that I am white and that wouldn’t bother most people, but I was totally bummed to not have any diversity to look at. I realized that I think I am pretty much over my own race. I think I just need some kind of color in my life. I did however have the pleasure of meeting an old hippie named Squirrel. He was a very nice man. Shared his goods with us and made the band get started (the first one) after we complained that we came to see live music and were tired of waiting. He was also running sound for the venue. It is good to know people. The guy my girl is interested in is actually pretty nice looking. Good teeth, great singer (he’s the lead singer). Tall. Handsome. And really he was a great singer. By then I was fucked up enough to have the attention span for jam band music. I didn’t get home until 2am. Another reason why i am being slow this morning. I have to get an oil change and tire rotation. Then I’m going to go buy things for my cousin’s baby shower. She finds out today what she is having and I think it is a girl. So excited for her and to have a new addition to the family. Maybe next she will have the first wedding.

So I went ahead and got my appointment for my oil change at 3. Gives me a deadline. Now I have something to strive toward. After I am going to get the baby shower stuff and then I’m going to a local coffee spot, or by the old job to grab food. And tease some boys. 😉 Alright I guess I should wrap this up. I need to get it together! lol

Happy first day of the holidays!


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I am a 31 year old, opinionated girl from North Carolina. Well educated and currently a professor. Welcome to my weight loss journey blog. I'm changing things up and using this to keep myself accountable!
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