My sleepless week

Oh Bloggers, I cannot seem to get caught up on my sleep. Monday night I went and hung out with my boys. Tuesday night was my last night at my retail job. Last night I hung out with my best friend. Tonight I’m going out with my crew. I guess I will sleep on Friday night! I didn’t even stay out super late last night. I just got stuck talking about things with my boy. We are exploring fantasies. I don’t plan on going into any kind of detail here, but I will say that it has kept the conversation interesting! At some point I passed out. Then randomly at 2:15am I just woke up. I looked at my phone to see what time it was. I had 3 messages from him. Mostly saying, Hello?. I responded apologizing for falling asleep. He actually responded. Apparently I caught him when he had gotten out of bed to go pee. We texted back and forth for like an hour. Then he went to sleep, and I tried to go to sleep. God knows I couldn’t pass back out to save my life! I slept for maybe 30 min before my alarm clock went off. Ugh! I just wanted a lot of sleep for once, and failed. At least we got to keep our conversation going. It’s been interesting. The sad thing is, I have lived a lot of my fantasies. He keeps asking me for more examples of ones we can do together, and ya know for the first time in my life I am struggling! lol I just need to be inspired. Maybe acting on the few that I have expressed will lead to some kind of inspiration.

I can’t stop yawning! UGH! I was going to be teaching a class today because one of the librarians was out yesterday, and she might have been out again today, but turns out she showed up. I was kinda pumped about teaching today too. I wanted to play the citation game and teach about how to judge a website for credibility. All the things that they NEED to be taught but aren’t. Much to my dismay. But she showed up, so I don’t get to teach.

I am pretty stoked about the weekend. Bonfire on Saturday and it is the 10th Anniversary party for the bar I go to. It should be great! and I will have 2 consecutive days off for the first time since SEPTEMBER! Whoop! And the weather is supposed to be super nice this weekend. Not too hot or cold. So it should be perfect to hang out and throw down! I did swing by my best friend’s house last night for a bit. She and I had gone out last Thursday for a couple drinks. It was a weird night because she got hammered, on very little alcohol. She also apparently fell at some point while I was waiting in the car for her. I had been more distracted by the fact that my headlight burned out, to notice what she was doing before she got in the car. Anyway, so she fell and we were talking last night and she has no idea how it happened! She said she drank her normal amount. 3 beers (roughly) and 2 shots. That is pretty standard, but all of a sudden she was wasted! I thought she was sneaking more shots or something or I just wasn’t paying attention, but in the end she said she though she got rufied (roofied? maybe..idk how to spell it). She has done her fair share of drugs in the past and she said that she didn’t drink abnormal amounts of alcohol and the next day she had to call out of work because when she fell she busted her lip, scraped her face up, and gave herself a black eye. I have seen her fall, but never straight on face plant. We were debating on who she would have gotten drugged by and my money is on the bar tender that wants her but now has a girlfriend. She said when he was sitting next to her at the bar (he was off at this point) he was touching her foot and then would put his hands on her hips when she would try to walk away. He has a girlfriend now, so this behavior was odd for him. It was either him or this other random new guy we just happened to meet that night. The two of them exchanged numbers. He seemed fairly normal, but I guess you can never tell who is a date rapist, right? God knows I have watched enough Law and Order: SVU to know that! I also wouldn’t think it was the bar tender, but they were the only people trying to get her attention that night. She took a picture of her face the next morning and showed me. She was busted! And ended up having to lie about how she hurt herself when she went to her friend’s baby shower that Saturday. Besides the busted face she said she felt terrible the next day. And like I said, she didn’t drink too much. She should have been fine. She wasn’t fine though. WEIRD! I hope that this weekend, nothing like that happens. I might buy all her drinks for her because none of those dudes want to roofie me. I don’t think my boy would stand for it, despite our lack of relationship.

Do any of you use online dating sites? When I moved to NYC I joined because I wanted to meet people and experience NYC. Obviously! It is terribly hard to make friends in that city. So I started going on dates. It was a fun experience and a new addiction. Internet dating is a total addiction! If you don’t know it yet, and you give the whole ordeal a try then you will understand. Right now I use OKcupid (or OK-Stupid as I like to call it). I haven’t had an active account for a long while now, but I turned it back on the other day. I rewrote my about me section today to be horribly honest and blunt. Made it clear that I wasn’t trying to deal with anyone’s BS, but honestly I don’t want to deal with anyone at all. I have my boy. That is really all I want. We had some rocky drama for a week maybe and now things have smoothed out a little. He wants to come over tonight. I want him to. But I don’t know why in hell I turned my account back on. It just isn’t a priority. I have gotten like 8 or so emails thus far, and I just can’t even bring myself to respond. I don’t care to. It doesn’t mean anything to me. I suppose I will be turning it back off here soon. Stupid internet dating.

Well, now that I have killed 30 minutes of my day I am going to get up and walk around! I need to get my water as well. Enjoy your day bloggers. I’ll be back soon.


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I am a 31 year old, opinionated girl from North Carolina. Well educated and currently a professor. Welcome to my weight loss journey blog. I'm changing things up and using this to keep myself accountable!
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