The things that make me smile…

I come across a number of different students everyday. Most of these people I see on a daily basis. Some of them I even wonder why I haven’t seen them yet if they turn up late. They are part of my day. While some of them require a lot of hand holding, for the most part they really make my day. There is one specific student who makes me smile. I’m not sure what kind of learning disability he has, but he brings light to my day and I want to be his friend. I first met him one day when he was having problems with the volume on the computer. He likes to listen to music while he does his homework. Someone had made the volume very high and it was hurting his ears so he asked me to help him fix it. I showed him where to go to fix the volume. He was very happy. A couple days later he had a similar problem, only it wasn’t the volume. He was only getting sound out of one headphone. I suggested he move to a different computer because I couldn’t figure out how to get the sound to equalize in the headphones. So he happily trotted to a different spot. He moved his bag of peppermint candies, his notebook, and his backpack over to the next computer without having any kind of issue. He is incredibly polite and just genuinely happy. He is upset about the heat in the library today (it has been horrible for 3 days now) and instead of complaining he just randomly fans himself. He listens to Kidz Bop radio or Disney radio while he works and smiles the whole time. He is an innocent guy who is working hard to make something of himself. He has some quirks, but he really busts his ass to get his assignments done and make sure that everything is perfect. He only asks for help when he has no idea how to fix something. The only thing he has asked me for is the headphone issue. This kid makes my day everyday. He also makes me smile endlessly. Right now he is letting a lady borrow his headphones. SO SWEET! Damnit, I wish more people were like him.

For my health kick today I am trying something new with my water. My mom froze some grapefruit juice and cilantro in the ice tray and I have added about 4 cubes to my 64oz water bottle. It has been the best part of my day hydration wise! I am honestly in a great mood and technically i have no reason not to be, but the past few days it has been rough. I have been dealing with the heat in this building and the ever looming doctors appointment yesterday. I’m still in some pain but I will be fine in about a week.

Well, again, it is about my lunch time. I should wrap this up and make sure the new guy is doing alright. Have a great day Bloggers!



About simplysouthern83

I am a 31 year old, opinionated girl from North Carolina. Well educated and currently a professor. Welcome to my weight loss journey blog. I'm changing things up and using this to keep myself accountable!
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One Response to The things that make me smile…

  1. laurenfalber says:

    So sweet! I love people like that! They make you appreciate the simple things! And I am going to try the grapefruit/cilantro! Sounds so yummy!!

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