I am really enjoying the month of November thus far. I am excited for the approaching holiday and what it stands for to me. I know that my elementary school teachers lied to me about what happened at the first Thanksgiving. I know the real story, but I am excited to celebrate being thankful for what I have. I am eternally thankful for the life I have been privileged to have. My parents supported me and helped me succeed in every way they could. They also kept a roof over my head and food in my gut. I am enjoying the crisp air (even though the library is a balmy 77degrees!) and the colors that have taken over the sky as the trees have changed over night from green and brown to the most vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows. Everything has become covered in color. I love it. I love fall in general though. One other thing I am enjoying is hearing what my friends and family are thankful for. A number of people on my FB wall are doing the Thanksgiving countdown with saying what they are thankful for everyday. I like reading them, even though sometimes I cannot relate to them, but they are refreshing. Instead of being full of complaints and constant bitching, it is more about what is going well or has gone well in the lives of these people.

I don’t sit down and think about what I am thankful for enough. I should do it more frequently, and not just when the world is prompting me to. At least I will say that I am thankful for the reminder once a year. Even though saying that (or typing it) makes me seem fairly superficial. This holiday season I plan on making more of an effort to not bitch and generally focus on what is going well instead of what is not.

So, this year I have been dedicating a lot of time to my health. Some things happened in January/Feb that made me change the way I thought about a lot of things. Because of these things that happened I decided to work on the one thing I had the ability to work on and that was myself. At this point I have lost 36lbs. I am very proud of my progress, but I still have a long way to go until I get to where I want to be. My co-worker asked me what my goal weight was yesterday. I don’t have one. I have a goal activity. I want to run. I want to be one of those people that just goes out running and can trudge on for miles. This is my goal. This is my ideal weight. I want to know what runners high feels like. And i also want to be fairly ripped, but not like body builder status, just strong healthy woman status. I have an appointment next week with a nutritionist. I have gotten my annual physical. I have signed up for the Holiday Challenge through my health insurance. I am excited to get back in the game. I had gotten the flu back in September and a nasty chest cold also. I am still having some breathing issues, but I am back on the wagon next week and I am forcing myself to journal my food again this week. I have been out of the loop for about 6-8 weeks now and I am eager to get back into it. I am excited about the weather being cold and being able to breathe easier. I am going to spend the colder months working on building up my knees and general muscle strength. I want to be back on the road, getting my mile back under my belt by mid January. I figure 8 weeks is a good amount of time to get things figured out.

I had been doing pretty well with the whole eating thing. I have been pretty slack lately, but i have not let myself go completely crazy. I am maintaining the loss, and I am proud of that. I need to get it back together and going to the nutritionist is the first step. I always do really good for a while and then I get bored and fall off the wagon. I need to figure out how to not get bored. I also have to learn how to eat for my PCOS. I refuse to take medication to help it, so I am treating it the natural way. She specializes in women with PCOS and diets for the condition. I have basically cut bread (white bread) and dairy out of my diet (except once in a while i will eat cheese). But I know she is going to be able to help me and I am excited about it. I am doing what I have to do to get my shit together. I have a goal and I will achieve it. I am an Aries woman after all 🙂

Either way, this girl is off to lunch here shortly so I should wrap this up. Have a great day, Bloggers!


About simplysouthern83

I am a 31 year old, opinionated girl from North Carolina. Well educated and currently a professor. Welcome to my weight loss journey blog. I'm changing things up and using this to keep myself accountable!
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One Response to Thanksgiving

  1. laurenfalber says:

    I told Justin the other day that I wanted to be a runner too! I want to go take off and clear my head! It sounds terrible but perfect all at the same time! Here’s to us! 🙂

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