Beautiful Days

Don’t you just love those fall days that are still crisp but still on the warm side? I am a fan of them. No jacket. Sitting outside. Just hanging out being in my own head. I have decided to take a break from my social networking (i don’t consider blogging to be SN just because it is my writing outlet) for a few days and keep the phone use to a minimum. I’m so over the inability of people to talk to each other. Constantly on their damn phones. No one has any sense. If they can’t do it on their phone their life means nothing. I am just over how horribly boring our society has become. I need to go do things and see, smell, feel, hear them. I am going for a nice long walk when I get off work today. It is too beautiful not to go out and enjoy the rest of the sunlight. I hate how tired I am when I get home at night. I mostly just pass out around 7 and sleep until 5. How is it possible that I need that much sleep anymore? I have to start forcing myself to stay awake and do things! Mostly get my workout in. I think I have recovered enough from my flu to be able to breathe normal again while working out. I’m just going to go with that. Besides, ever since I started this damn job I just eat crap. I have to break the sugar cycle because I am stuck in it full force. I have been drinking a lot of water lately though, so that’s good! Coffee and water are my only beverages, until today when i got orange soda. But I digress….

The people at the library have been super needy the past couple of days. I don’t know if something is in the water or not, but i feel like everyone forgot what they have been learning all semester! I just don’t get it. I even told one lady that I had shown her how to do something so many times, that I refuse to show her anymore. She proceeded to get really mad at me, but I’m sorry, you’re inability to take notes or write something down where you can find it again or even by chance REMEMBER what I’ve told you. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a dictator of a librarian, but I have expectations for my students and I am over all the hand holding that goes on at this institution. I was not put here to do your homework. I already have my 4 degrees. Thanks! I’m done. 🙂

I really need some me time. I have had my phone off all day and it is the best feeling in the world. I also might swing by the Barnes & Noble on the way home and pick up Game of Thrones because I want to read it. I also need to do laundry. Oh and we’re having corned beef and cabbage for dinner which is exciting. No potatoes though. I’ve gotta start taking charge of my diet again. I need to pack my lunch at night. Lunch is probably the best meal of the day for me. I have been eating salad all the time, until today when I got Subway. I have been craving it for weeks, so I finally caved. lol .

I have 1 hour and 45 min left in this day. I want something to do!!! I am bored to death, so I suppose I should go gossip with the ladies about the days happenings. I need a smoke. blah!


About simplysouthern83

I am a 31 year old, opinionated girl from North Carolina. Well educated and currently a professor. Welcome to my weight loss journey blog. I'm changing things up and using this to keep myself accountable!
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